Hekate Phosphoros — #hekateworldsoul


Photo © Melissa McNair / The Torch and Key

Hail, Hekate Phosphoros!

Hail, Bright Goddess of the Mysteries!

Hail, Radiant One!

Your golden radiance encompasses all, bathing us in your warm and loving glow;

Light-bearing Mother, bright-shining creatrix,

Illuminate our souls and purify us with your primordial flames;

Hekate Phosphoros, resplendent in your luminous crown,

May your brilliant light encircle the whole of the universe

and kindle within ourselves the sacred flame of love, knowledge and devotion;

En Erebos Phos, In Darkness There Is Light


Honoring Hekate in February

As mentioned earlier, the Covenant of Hekate is celebrating and honoring Hekate as Cosmic World Soul for the entire month of February. A hashtag of #hekateworldsoul is being added to all public projects, so if you are on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or any other medium that utilizes hashtags, you may find these other works by searching #hekateworldsoul . Also, if you feel inspired to share your own experiences, be sure to include the hashtag so others can find you.

For Hekate as the Cosmic World Soul, February 2018 – a CoH devotional project – www.hekatecovenant.com

© 2018 The Torch and Key / Melissa McNair

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