The Epiphany of Hekate – #hekateworldsoul



Photo © Melissa McNair / The Torch and Key

Fragments 146, 147, and 148 of the Chaldaean Oracles, as revealed by Hekate:

Having spoken these things, you will behold a fire leaping skittishly like a child over the aery waves;

or a fire without form, from which a voice emerges;

or a rich light, whirring around the field in a spiral.

But that you will see a horse flashing more brightly than light,

or a child mounted on the swift back of a horse,

a fiery child or a child covered with gold, or yet again a naked child;

or even a child shooting arrows, standing upon a horse’s back.

If you say this to me many times, you will observe all things growing dark,

For the curved bulk of the heavens disappears and the stars do not shine; the light of the Moon is hidden and the Earth does not stand steady. All things are revealed in lightning.

But when you see the sacred fire without form,

Shining skittishly throughout the depths of the Cosmos,

Listen to the voice of the fire.


“Hekate Soteira” by Sarah Iles Johnston

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