About Me

My name is Melissa, and I have been a Devotee of the Goddess Hekate for many years. Hekate’s magic and mysteries have been an integral part of my life since 2010, when I stumbled across a fledgling movement for Hekate – the first annual Rite of Her Sacred Fires.

I honor Hekate as the Cosmic World Soul – as the keybearer of the Universe – light bearing guide to the mysteries of life, death, and rebirth – protectress of the young.

I am a former member of the Covenant of Hekate, a worldwide organization dedicated to sharing knowledge of Hekate’s mysteries and history. Some blog posts  may reference topics that were a part of a project within the CoH when I was a member. If you are interested – more information about the Covenant of Hekate may be found at www.hekatecovenant.com

A little more about me: I live in Upstate New York with my husband, children, and my black labrador, named Jack (don’t tell him he’s a dog, though!). I am so fortunate to live in such a beautiful area of New York where the beauty of the Adirondack & Catskill mountains are an hour’s drive in either direction. I am always at peace when surrounded by unblemished nature, and there is plenty of it here.

I also design and craft Artisan jewelry – my collection of Bohemian, mythological, and nature-inspired jewelry may be found at my Etsy shop, Autumn Hollow Studio.

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