Hekate as Cosmic World Soul

Within the Covenant of Hekate, we celebrate and honor Hekate’s many different forms. Her identity as Cosmic World Soul and Soteira is, however, the root of our work within the CoH.

The Covenant of Hekate is dedicating February 2018 to Hekate as Cosmic World Soul, and members are collaborating on a devotional project that includes poetry, artwork, personal stories, and rituals inspired by Hekate as Soteira. This is my contribution; please feel free to share this blog post with a link back here.

What does “Cosmic World Soul” mean?

In the Chaldean Oracles, Hekate is irrevocably defined as the Cosmic World Soul – the Great Mother, the Anima Mundi, Creatrix of All. The source of primordial fire.

I have experienced many different sides to Hekate over the years, but the one that I “feel” the most is Hekate as this Great Mother; as one who facilitates life, death, rebirth, and everything in between. This excerpt from the Chaldean Oracles sums it up well, and the accompanying text (version from G.R.S. Mead), describes Hekate as “Great Mother/Magna Mater”, “Life of the Universe”, “Mother of Souls”, “Inbreather of Life”.


“About the hollows beneath the ribs of her right side there spouts, full-bursting, forth the Fountain of the Primal Soul, all at once ensouling Light, Fire, Aether, Worlds.”


“After the Father’s Thinkings, you must know, I, the Soul, dwell, making all things to live by Heat.”

In the Chaldean Oracles, the “Father” is described as existing as intellect or pure thought, while Hekate, as the Anima Mundi, puts forth his thoughts through creation.

During my personal devotionals, I often feel Hekate’s presence as this warm, glowing light. It’s hard to describe – but I when I feel Her presence in this way, I feel an abundance of Love. It is so pure; it’s hard to put into words. There were a few times where I actually witnessed a warm, golden glow appear around me. It is a very emotional and powerful experience; and very real. It doesn’t always happen. But when it does, I will most definitely bask in this sacred glow and honor Her radiance.

I also feel Her presence in this way every May Full Moon when I perform the annual Rite of Her Sacred Fires. This global rite honoring Hekate is always a wonderful experience; knowing that thousands of others from across the globe are celebrating the same rite at (more or less) the same time for the same purpose is it’s own special kind of magic.


Photo © Melissa McNair / The Torch and Key

Honoring Hekate in February

As mentioned earlier, the Covenant of Hekate is celebrating and honoring Hekate as Cosmic World Soul for the entire month of February. A hashtag of #hekateworldsoul is being added to all public projects, so if you are on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or any other medium that utilizes hashtags, you may find these other works by searching #hekateworldsoul . Also, if you feel inspired to share your own experiences, be sure to include the hashtag so others can find you.

For Hekate as the Cosmic World Soul, February 2018 – a CoH devotional project – www.hekatecovenant.com

© 2018 The Torch and Key / Melissa McNair

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